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The Smugglers Inn is to stage an art show in March. The historic public house in Pevensey now has a range of interesting and eclectic events that are drawing in both residents and visitors

As well as an art show and another of their successful ticket only wine tasting events, there is a bill of finely tuned live music weekly.

The scheduling is beginning to put the public house more to the forefront of the community destination map, as a place to mark to get a flavour of the locality with something different.

People visiting the public house can now enjoy a range of interesting events that are well picked. There is something to satisfy a wide variety of tastes.

On Wednesday, 4 March an art show comes at the Smugglers Inn in Pevensey, a novel event, described as a ‘garage show’ that will add a new dimension to what the public house has offered to date.

Organisers say “join the local artists called the Garage Group when they show their paintings in the Smugglers Art Show on Wednesday 4 March from 10am – 6pm”. The intriguing description opens that possibility that the Smugglers Inn could become the Pevensey public house to visit where local contemporary art is on show

The historic Mint House in Pevensey, purchased by creative entrepreneur, Jason Rolf in July 2018, is gradually moving towards some major project announcements later this year.

An application to Wealden Council includes conversion of the nineteenth century outbuildings behind the Mint`House to become state of the art zero barbon small business units.

There is already interest in the plan from artists, ceramicists and small start up companies in the fields of the arts looking for units to lease. The location looks to be of prime historic value in terms of generating interest and potential profile.

Space may become in part, a new nexus for the arts, giving historic Pevensey a new role in the story of the locality in the twenty first century.

Plans are also being mooted for the restored Mint House to become, in part, a community asset of some description, with a room dedicated to community utilisation on some basis.

This exciting plan, dependent on Wealden Council decision making with planning applications, is beginning to be talked about in Pevensey with growing interest.

In an interview with the Peveney Bay Journal, to be published on Saturday 14 March, owner of the Mint House, Jason Rolf explains “a lot of interesting history has been uncovered and it appears that the central building was possibly built as a Guildhall around 1480 with a detached service block, one of the few remaining examples in the UK. There is also evidence of some medieval structures which may have been taken from Pevensey Castle main hall in the late 15th and early 16th centuries”.

If the historic Mint House can be established to have been a guildhall, the restoration of the building, to become, in part, a community focused building again, after nearly 600 years, would be an exciting prospect for the village.  The news would reach beyond East Sussex.

The savvy owners of the Smugglers in Pevensey know all about the economic regeneration planned for Pevensey at the Mint House and the nineteenth century outbuildings that form part of the site.

The prospect of the public house staging a series of ‘garage art shows’ or similarly inspired grassroots art events would tune in perfectly with some of the plans for the Mint House.

Perhaps the Smugglers Inn will become the place to go to see public showings of local art.

The profile could build an audience to include residents and visitors.

On Thursday 9 April, commencing at !7:00, the Smuggler stages their next wine testing event.They say “wine tasting 6 delicious wines with cheeses to match! Brilliant wine expert Sue Booker will take you on a wonderful wine journey, so do come and join us. Please book your tickets now only £15 per person. Bring a group and make it a fun evening!”.

Tonight (Saturday 29 February) sees Xavier Ralph live. He has a young soulful pop voice. Xavier is just 16 years of age, He was born and raised in Sussex. He wrote his first song at the age of 10 and has gone on to become one of Hastings’ most loved and talked about young artists.

The gifted singer and multi-instrumentalist and songwriter began his career as a busker, and following many years of performing on the streets and in Hastings’ local venues, he signed with Uprise Records UK. The release of his debut album was in May 2019.

Xavier Ralph is live tonight at the Smugglers in Pevensey from 20:30.

Smugglers Inn
High St, Pevensey BN24 5LF
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