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THIS WEEK DVD 800th Anniversary Concerts: St. Nicolas church tribute to memory of Owen Visick

LETTERS Community asset nomination by the book: Purchase the Beach Tavern, but include a library

CAMPAIGN Friends of Library: Media release points the way towards charitable status for local library


Our noted Flower Festival will be held this year on Saturday August 26th, Sunday 27th and Bank Holiday Monday 28th 2017—St.Nicolas Church

This year’s theme will be inspired by Childrens’ Stories.

We hope to rekindle cherished memories of childhood through the language of flowers. Those who remember Christopher Robin, Winnie-the-Pooh and The Flower Fairies will have something to delight in this year!

Over many years the Pevensey Flower Festival has become one of the most popular summer events in the area. Held in St Nicolas Church, and always on the August Bank Holiday weekend, it draws a large number of regular and casual visitors. flowersA team of dedicated and talented flower arrangers fill the church with artistic and beautiful displays,

For the duration of the Festival refreshments are available from 10.00am, (12noon on Sundays), until 5.30pm.

Admission is by donation.
A Flower Festival Holy Eucharist is celebrated at 10.00am on the Sunday of the Festival