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to Editor

The sea is a living breathing beast, it’s immensely powerful it smells at times and it causes ripples in the sand……but it’s also magnificent and deserves respect, so let’s give it some peeps instead of these constant non warnings of things that have been happening forever.

Martyn Blackmore
7 June 2018

note: This message was received in response to the letters we have published with talk of ‘sinking sands’ in Pevensey Bay. In relation to the smell identified by a number of people, Martyn has drawn attention to this article. As he explains, “I think this site says more than I can regarding the detail……”

British Marine Life Study Society
Phaeocystis is a minute organism which can reproduce in enormous numbers, and is an example of the phytoplankton. Phaeocystis ‘blooms’ are called by names like Slurry Water and Baccy Juice, and are an annual occurrence off the Sussex and Kent coasts in May and June. Blooms are also found of other coasts including the coast of Cornwall. The Sussex species is Phaeocystis pouchetti. read full article here