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image credit: Stix Drummers

Stix Drummers: Would you like to be part of a new group?  We are currently taking on new members

On behalf of Stix drummers we were wondering if it is possible for you to advertise.

We are a local drumming group that drums weekly at St WIlfrids Church Pevensey on a Thursday and alternate Friday nights 8-10pm

We have had some interest from the local community and was hoping we can reach them this way.

Looking for a new hobby? Would you like to be part of a new group? We are currently taking on new members and would love for you to join. Please message for further details.—Many thanks, Amelia.

about Stix Drummers
Stix Drummers is run by Chris Grace. Chris has over 15 years of Drumming Experience., and is helped by his Daughter Chloe Martin, who also has over 15 years of Drumming Experience.

We beat our drums to thousands of people in events ranging in size from a handful to over one thousand people all over the UK.

We have a fantastic team that is willing and able to cope with all situations and yet is small enough to provide a personal service for you.

We practise every Thursday Evening and every other Friday Evening. with our current tracks as well as learning Awesome new beats.

Whatever the size of your event, every single person is engaged and feels totally involved. Perfect for ice-breaker sessions at the beginning of your event through to a finale everyone will remember.

Whether you are planning a conference, staff fun-day, team building exercise or a celebration, Stix can turn it into a dynamic, vibrant and rewarding event.

The benefits are many, but as we promise, we never forget to make sure everyone has lots of fun.