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image credit: local Pevensey Bay resident, Chris French “battened down’

As widely predicted Storm Ciara has hit the South East with all the force that weather forecasters foretold.

Rail operators cancelled services as the Met Office issued yellow and amber weather warnings.

Dozens of rail companies said they would operate a reduced service today (Sunday) with speed restrictions in place and Network Rail has restricted trains to 50mph across the majority of its lines.

Southern Rail has said, “Storm Ciara is expected to bring high winds and heavy rain, with the risk of debris blown on the line, damage to overhead lines, fallen trees and landslips. We strongly advise you not to travel, unless it is completely necessary.”

Here in Pevensey Bay residents woke to the full force of Storm Ciara swirling round patios and rattling windows. The storm drops and then suddenly, with full power, whooshing sounds arrive with the force to rattle doors on their hinges like whistling mini jet engines.

Overnight wind gust speeds were recorded at 41mph at 0300 on Sunday morning, rising to 56mph at daybreak. Wind gust speeds are predicted to rise here to 62mph by mid afternoon, dropping to around 50mph this evening and through the night, dropping to around 40mph tomorrow morning (Monday).

This is a day to stay safe, batten down garden furniture and only travel if absolutely necessary. Also a day to look out for neighbours and see that local friends and neighbours are safe and secure in their homes.

Acute wind gusts at present, but no rain (09:30). no evidence yet of any power cuts,  although warnings have been given that this may happen today.

Stay safe!

Image credit from local resident. Chris French from Saturday night (February 8) “battened down’.