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image credit: Jan Barron

The convincing arrival of an authoritative sounding woman at the 1066 store in Pevensey Bay yesterday (Saturday 5 October), announcing to the line of people queued up at the post office that ‘work had begun on the Beach Tavern site to turn into flats’ was met with dismay.

The postmaster at the time, conveyed the story to Bay life, convinced that the woman had the kind of inside knowledge reserved for people like privy counsellors.

By the time the story had reached the Bay Diner and then the Ocean View Bakery, what was happening had mutated into a full blown account in which the parish council was involved and the work was in fact to start turning the site back into a public house and restaurant.

The problem with the provenance of the story, is that the basis for these authoritative conclusions appears to be the fact that people have been seen working on the building.

What the people are doing with their work on the building is not clear.

Having said that, there would appear to be a possible link with new requirements put on the owner.

We reported (19 September), “Bay Life understands that a report is to be drawn up following a visit to the Beach Tavern site in Pevensey Bay, as a result of environmental concerns.

“We understand that the visit took place in recent days following concerns expressed in the community, shared by Pevensey Parish Council and residents, about the state of the building. We understand that the visit included officers from both Rother and Wealden Council”.

The last public statement about the status of the Beach Tavern site was made, to Bay life. on 2 September by Wealden Council.

A spokesman for Wealden Council told us. “should the application be reported to Planning Committee, which is a meeting the public may attend, then local residents who have responded on the application will be notified. We would also like to assure those residents that their comments will be taken into account and noted in any report, regardless of how long ago they were submitted. Hopefully this gives reassurance that those comments are valid, and have not expired, in consideration of this proposal”.

We note that the planning south meeting for October has been cancelled and that the earliest point at which the application could be on a planning committee agenda would be November.

When the decision is finally made about the latest application with what is to happen with the proposal to turn the site into flats, we would hope to bring the news to the community on the same day, with comment and analysis.

That is unless the woman at the post office in Pevensey Bay on Saturday really was a privy counsellor and knew something that the community does not.

We wait to see if there will be any further news this coming week.

As things stand, the latest public statement about what is happening with the site was made by Wealden Council to Bay Life on 2 September, the contents of which have been re-published here.

The sad saga of the Beach Tavern site, and what is to happen, if we reach January 2020 without a decision, will have gone on for three years.

The question about what is to happen with the Beach Tavern site remains of great concern to the community..

Martin Beeney, whose family live just 8.6 metres away from the proposed development appears to encapsulate the view of the community.

On 8 May 2017 he said, “it will be the beginning of the end for the village if this building goes ahead”.