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image credit: Chris Racher: Vehicles of Yesteryear 2017

Local cafe to launch a ‘streaming local news headline’ service

The service which is to be piloted from Monday (18 February) will see local news headlines ‘streaming’ across two TV screens at the Bayside Diner in the style of the ‘breaking news captions’ .

New owners of the Bayside Diner told the Pevensey Bay Journal today (15 February), “we want to see the service utilised by the community to promote their events, this will be a free service to the community”.

The opportunity for community groups to see their special events ‘streamed’ as local news headlines may provide them with an opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Both the Vehicles of Yesteryear event in Pevensey Bay in April and the Community Day organised by Peveney Parish Council are amongst the initial events chosen to trial as part of the beta-launch of the ‘streaming news’ service.

The technical team working with the project, said “may take us a few weeks to bed down the plan and see the headline streaming onto the screens in the right bite size chunks on a weekly basis, but this could prove to be an interesting way to reach local people with news and latest details of events.

“For example, one psibility in the weeks leading up to Vehicles of Yesteryear event in April, is a special promotional headline week titled ‘The Car is the Star”, which will showcase some of the vehicles coming this year, as well as latest headlines about what will be on offer on the day’.