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vote here in local photography competition 2018

The closing date for our local Photography competition is today. Voting closes at 10:00pm, Sunday 1 July.—Bay Life 

Vote now in the Local Photography Competition 2018 on our new beta platform

In previous years we have seen the last day with a surge in voting, so we will see what happens today.

Thank you to all the local photographers that have submitted their work. Some of these photographs really are extraordinary.

We were aiming to see if local photographers would send in images that were representative of the local landscape.We have examples both in their compostion and spirit that are truly representative of the local landscape.

Lots of the distinct beach scenes and the sea, shots of local landmark buildings, shots of Pevensey and Pevensey Bay at moments in our seasons that capture the spirit of the place that has been called the hidden jewel in the crown of Sussex.

Thank you so much for all the contributions, the work is of marked distinction, and in a number of cases, breathtaking.

Some of the finalist pieces of work will appear in our newspaper, The Pevensey Bay Journal. Edition 19 is now ready to print, with the centrepage spread given over to the presentation of some of these pieces of work.

There will also be consideration given to the presentation of some of this work as part of the new EtsyBay online shop for Pevensey Bay. The online shop aims to promote the distinct values, landscape and spirit of Pevensey and Pevensey Bay to a national audience in the form of postcards and greetings cards.

Thank you Pevensey and Pevensey Bay for participating in this competition. there is some quite beautiful wok.

What seems likely is that some of this photography will now be seen more widely.

Postcards in the “Wish You Were Here’ series, with photographs shot by local people may now be seen by a much wider audience, with the work and the name of photographers, through the EtkyBay shop online connecting to people with an interest in Pevensey and Pevesney Bay.

On Sunday mornings, in the sun with our beautiful wide landscape in the frame, with beach scenes, of course we know the hidden value of Pevensey Bay.

The sense of our appreciation of Pevensey Bay with the glory of scene is manifest to every dog walker in our local world.

If, with the postcards that are being produced and the greetings card home to a favourite Aunt promote interest in the charms, eclectic spirit and legends and history of this unique coastal location, then some benefits may accrue.

A little more interest in the question of economic regeneration may result, which is something we clearly need, more attention given to this aspect of life here in this small coastal community would be welcome.

We have arts and crafts, legends, a near 2,000 year old castle on our doorstep, our own panel on the Bayeux Tapestry, history by the shingle bucketload.

We were part of the birth of situation comedy in this country, Tony Hancock stayed at the Bay Hotel.

The Goon Show is littered with references to Pevensey Bay. There is a set of marked reference points to the Pre-Raphaelite movement here.

There is a small but coherent and established network of community organisations here that are spirited and engage in promoting a number of special events put on through the seasons.

And we have the most amazing photography community.

Thank you for all the contributions, Today we see who will win the Local Photography Competition 2018.

Everyone looking on who is about to receive a postcard or greetings card from Pevensey Bay, promoted by the EtsyBay shop online, no doubt will wish they were here.

Thank you Pevensey Bay for all the wonderful work sent to us, we will now see who will win the competition.

And do not forget to vote! Closing date is today Sunday 1 July, voting closes at 10:00pm.

You can vote here on our new beta web platform.