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Gusts up to 42.7mph recorded in the last hour, here in Pevensey Bay.

The doors are rattling and the wind is gushing up in the most unpredictable ways, could take people off their feet. Trips out, even to the garden, to check everything is secure, have even somewhat perilous in last hour.

Batten down the hatches, big time, wind abating little at 10:47am, but what is happening is so unpredictable. Take care if you are at home, and see that everything is well and truly locked down, going out is more that somewhat perilous, if this unpredictability continues through the morning.

Posting to Bay Life at midday, Jane Beej Ranger‎ wrote, “Gust of 65.4 and wind of 54mph recorded at Norman’s Bay at 12.30″.

View weather display live: Pevensey Bay