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image credit: David French

Young Pevensey Bay resident, David French, who has been quietly making heads turn at the Open Mic Night at the Bay Hotel for the last three years, has been accepted for a place at BIMM, the prestigious Music Academy in Brighton

BIMM is the largest and leading provider of music education in Europe. For over 35 years, they have taken raw talents and turned them into industry professionals, earning a living doing what they love.Their graduate employment statistics – as well as world-conquering BIMM alumni like James Bay and George Ezra – demonstrates as they say on their website that “nobody does it better’.

There are now eight BIMM Colleges, with next-generation facilities. There are bases in London, Berlin, Dublin, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Hamburg and Brighton. Brighton was their first base. They have experienced tutors who, they explain ‘have done it for real,’. They have contacts across the local, national and global music industry.

In their publicity they explain, “we’ll give you the skills, experience and industry contacts to break into your chosen field”.

They add, “Stop dreaming and kick-start your music career at BIMM. We’re ready when you are”.

The Pevensey Bay Journal was invited to review a set by young David French, aged 14 at an Open Mic Night at the Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay in 2018.

Following the review the newspaper published an article about his recording of a first self-penned song:  Discovered at an open mic night at the Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay, young David French records his first song.

Editor of the Journal, Simon Montgomery, commented, “I first saw David French as part of a review of Open Mic Night at the Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay, when he was 14. Hearing the first self-penned song by David French is something of a revelation.

“Perhaps we have a star in the making here in Pevensey Bay. Take me back home to the Bay Hotel for another review, I want to hear him play this song live. Reach for the stars young man, reach for the stars”.

Just superb. What guitar work, what a well worked out composition. I can hear the Zombies, early Yardbirds, early Shadows, the guitar work is original and so well worked out.. and a tiny tiny bit of God (Eric Clapton). My view is that David French is an emerging star of some description, and amazingly he lives in a place called Pevensey Bay. Let the man play, let the man play. How old is he? 13? 14?
—Review, Pevensey Bay Journal

Father Chris French commented (7 January 2020), “today some great news David has his offer From BIMM. The country’s foremost music academy, Well Done David French. But It would not of been possible without certain people, Paul Watson Richard Dickie Hayes Alan Brain Bill Tipler Ken Drew John Wells. The players from the Bay hotel and the Crew who support him every month, Geoff Bryant and Pete plus all the support of all our friends and family Thank you all X”
—Chris French