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Short questionnaire sees 587 responses

Thank you!
A message from Peter Lowton Chairman of Pevensey Parish Council.
Pevensey Parish Council, 14 January 2019

”On behalf of Pevensey Parish Council I would like to thank everyone that took the time to complete our short questionnaire either online or using the leaflets. We have had an amazing 587 responses, with only 16 that had to discounted as they were incorrectly completed. This equates to a response rate of over 21% (when compared against the adult population). Your responses have been a massive help to see what parishioners would like the Council to focus on over the next 3 years or so.

It’s now Councils job to listen and consider to what you have had to say. We will do this by going through the results and adjusting and updating the 3 year plan accordingly’’
—Peter Lowton, Chairman, Pevensey Parish Council, 14 January 2019