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The new communications agency in Pevensey Bay, working with a variety of clients locally, has revealed one of their clients to be the Bay Hotel.

Talking about the project to promote the unique qualities of the pub and hotel, a spokesman for the agency commented, “working with Karen Hudson, the new landlady of the Bay Hotel has been a a joy.

“Not only does she have a a great deal of experience with her job, she also has insight, vision and creativity and her work is all being with her feet firmly on the ground,. She has great instinct, quite a landlady when all said and abou. She is folwo9ng a step by step process, and when we went on a visit we could already see that her work was in progress”

Talking about the meetings held with regard to the year promotion with the Bay Hotel, the spokesman said “the first thing that Karen mentioned to us is that the Bay Hotel is what it is, a pub with rooms emphasising that is how she wanted to communicate the message about the special qualities of the public house and hotel.

“That was quite a challenge because she did not want any branding, which was right up our street because we believe that branding is well overrated, particularly if done without any application to the real history or heritage or context with something as unique as the Bay Hotel”

“When we started to look at the history of the building for ideas, the challenge was something of a gift. Built in 1899, was a starting point and a half for instance in terms of history and heritage, but just as significantly, we started to discover the seminal point in the history of the building, when the public house formally became a hotel with a major extension,

“Local newspaper archives showed us that we had a key date. The seminal meeting was in 1936 when the equivalent of what we now call a planing application was approved.

“Bingo, we had the details of what the police and local authorities said at the time and the big welcome to an increase in visitors that the hotel would represent and then there was that little lightbulb moment.

“Down the road in Bexhill the icon that is the De La Warr Pavilion, the second modernist public building in the country, has gone through a beautifully balanced new promotion with the wonderful ship on the shore, the work of Erich Mendelsohn and Serge Chermayeff with more than a nod of creative effort by Herbrand Sackville, 9th Earl De La Warr.

“Their new strapline with all the literature and the web platform and promotion says “Est, 1935 and modern ever since”. The line is an old one and has been utilised many times and in many ways in various forms but it is a great one when there is a context, so we simply put a spin on the line and considered again what Karen Hudson had said to us.

“Karen wants us to promote the hotel with the theme of the wonderful quirky neo=gothic building being ‘a public house with rooms’, something the Bay Hotel has always been and there was the line staring us in the face, a new strapline, and an appropriate one since the hotel extension took place a year after the De La Warr launch….. Est.1936 and a pub with rooms ever since”.

As well as the pub with rooms theme, we are also working with some of the ideas of Karen Hudson herself. One lovely line she likes a lot is that the hotel is ‘the grand dame of Pevensey Bay”, which is a line we love.

“The key point about the Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay is the one that Karen Hudson makes, It is what it is.

Pevensey Bay is quirky, an admixture of architectural styles and something of a hidden jewel in the crown of Sussex, with the beautiful beach sunsets and the original, traditional,  no frills, bucket and spade cafe society culture

“The location is a unique blend of a small seaside setting with a rock and roll tribute act twist written right through the stick of Pevensey Bay rock and maybe that is what Pevensey Bay will always be. You can not invent that kind of essence, there is a charm that is distinct, something that many of the residents and visitors express in different ways, that is why they love the place.

“The reason that we are here as a communications agency is that we see a lot of untapped potential in the location in terms of service and business promotion and a value factor in the location, increasingly so, because small seaside locations are now seeing more attention focused on them as special places.

“In the previous Parliament, on 3 April 2017, the Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid. announced over 30 exciting new projects set to create new jobs, attract tourists and boost economic growth. He said, We’re backing the Great British Coast with £40 million to create new jobs, boost economic growth and increase tourism. There’s a range of exciting projects set to benefit across the country, from a new conference centre for Blackpool to new beach huts and lifeguards for Hastings.This new funding will help attract even more tourists to our coast and help our seaside towns and coastal areas thrive.

“The purpose of the Coastal Communities fund is to tap into this resource and work with key localised coastal regeneration projects. We want to help unlock some of the money for Pevensey Bay, by promoting businesses, services and ideas that will work”

“In a funny kind of way, Pevensey Bay is its own brand, built up by layers of quirky smuggler goonlike seaside happy memory history that is full of legend and stories, along with some modernist architectural history that appears to have a small national significance, all these things are a gift to a communications agency if there are ideas put to us that we can see will work.

“Perhaps the essence of the Pevensey Bay experience, and the quintessence, is the Bay Hotel, so we are delighted to be given the opportunity to work with Karen Hudson on the local promotion of the hotel for a year.

“Our starting point was an overlay of an element of a fabulous illustration discovered, by a local artist Jan Barron, focusing, initially, just on the element of the sketch of doorway to the hotel, together with some positional work on the strapline. This was all we needed to begin the draft ideas for the initial promotion.

The typeface had to be a light Gill, Eric Gill was crafting away in Ditchling in Sussex at the time. He had been working with his mentor, Edward Johnston, who also lived in Ditchling in 1933 on the typeface for the London Underground, that changed the history 20th Century typography.

“Easily the themes drew together in a series of drafts, with scenes from the illustration of the local artist Jan Barron, with Gill as the typeface and the first of a series of straplines that just work.

The new communications agency is about to start work with two new projects in the locality, one of which is a commission with the new Pevensey Gazette broadsheet newspaper to promote the unique values of the Pevensey Court House, Museum and Goal to an international audience.

The spokesman said, “our role will be to build an audience with a digital offering of the new newspaper that is to be delivered, free of charge, to language schools, schools, colleges, heritage and tourist organisations both in the country and across the world”.

The new communications agency, which works alongside Bay Life with their series of web platforms and hyperlocal newspapers, can also be commissioned directly to work on new services, shops and business ideas linked to the regeneration of business in and around Pevensey Bay.

Local businesses that require profiles, re-locations, re-vamps or communications to the media and the crafting of visual identities with words and visual indentity to promote their businesses, can now commission the communications agency. The agency works with both print and the web. Further information about commissions is available through Bay Life, info@pevenseybaylife.co.uk.

The spokesman added, “there has never been such a thing as a hyperlocal communications agency in Sussex, but there is now”

The local promotional materials for the start of the year commission with the Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay go live on Tuesday 15 August. As well as local promotional material, the Bay Hotel is to be featured in the pages of Bay Life, both online and in print, together with an eventboard which will update their events on a weekly basis.