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COMMUNITY Langney Community Library: Grand Opening

BUSINESS Media Release: Art Gallery for the Bay


Columbia v England: Kick off 7:00pm, Tuesday 3 July 2018

Three hosteltries on our perspiring shirts: Come on England

For Queen, Country, the Duke and Duchjess of Sussex, Nobby Stiles, the waistcoat of Gareth Southgate and true hopes and dreams of England fans walking the length of the Eastbourne Road with their analysis of what might happen this evening, to the cafe society buzz with the sports pages spread large as we turn the tables, to every Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr moment from here to the eternity of our beach, to the true passport holders to our Pimlico world, from the Pevensey Levels to the Gulf streamed water biscuits of the three remaining members of the local branch of UKIP, this football pitch was made for you and me.

Come on England.

—Bay Life, 3 July 2018

Three hostelries o our perspiring shirts:
Castle Inn: The music is in the Garden of Eden Kane: 65inch: screen!!! Paul and Daina do us proud every day, with their spice up your life now classic public house that is fast becoming a firm favourite with locals and visitors from neighbouring towns and villages, as they put on a stylish spread every day.  With style tonight we have Curry and a pint £10. “Come in and support our boys . 3 TVs including a 65” in the garden” they say.

Bay Hotel: Leading lady, Karen, says in the House: “3 screens, brilliant drinks offers and the best burger in the village what better way to cheer your country on than with friends at THE BAY HOTEL”

Aqua Bar: The lasting Aqua Bar Ethos: Julie now busy laying the table for AquaFest 2018, with what looks like could become a brilliant day in August, the place that scores every day because she makes everyone welcome at her table, where she wants “everyone to come in, be at home and and feel comfortable”. The simple formula that works a treat. The Aqua Bar Ethos tonight: 3 screens, steak night £10:00.