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MP for Bexhill and Battle, Huw Merriman

Huw Merriman, local MP for Bexhill and Battle, this morning (Tuesday 3 September) has a dilemma, a General Election may be called on October 14.

In Parliament today he has to decide if he will vote with the Government and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

What has become clear, given the opaque statement that Prime Minister Boris Johnson made on the steps of 10 Downing Street last night, is that he will push for a snap election if his Conservative Party colleagues do not vote with the Government.

As well as the prospect of a General Election being called on October 14 are we witnessing the break up of the Conservative Party, a party that can trace their roots back to 1832? Is the Conservative Party about to become the Brexit Party in preparation for a General Election next month? Are we witnessing the end of the two party system of Government in this country, a system that has prevailed throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century?

The country is now so divided in terms of opinion between Brexiteers and Remainers that comparisons have been made with the social climate in the aftermath of the English Civil War back in the 17th Century. Historians point to the fact that in some parts of the country following the English Civil War that two generations passed before some families began to talk to each other.

We live in an unprecedented time in our history, and nobody knows what will happen today or in the coming months, and how the country will begin to heal.

Beyond Brexit, how will Parliament function, how will a Government be formed?  Nobody today appears to have any clear answers to these questions.

Perhaps the questions for the country on this momentous day are now bigger than Brexit.

The circumstances in relation to the dilemmas that the country faces, are partly captured in what our local MP, Huw Merriman, has had to say this morning to his constituents..

He has given an assurance to his constituents that “whichever way, it won’t be to ‘save my [non Govt] career”.

He is a well regarded local MP, with an exceptional record in terms of community engagement.

This morning on his twitter feed he said,

“Invidious position for MPs like me (voted to leave 3x on orderly terms). Do we vote:
- damage to democracy (failing to honour referendum); or
- damage to economy (risking leaving with No Deal)?
TM Deal satisfied both. Whichever way, it won’t be to ‘save my [non Govt] career’.