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THIS WEEK Local MP, Huw Merriman, why would I cross the floor?

COMMUNITY The end of the story for the Beach Tavern site? (or at least this chapter)

LETTERS Paul Minter, You can only wonder how many Conservative MPs are in secret talks


A Brush with Nature Column
The Journal
Alan Everard

It is a gentleman’s way of writing but with an understanding of nature in all its aspects because it contains the understanding of animals.

It is his expression of understanding in all its aspects, talking about painting, the Sails at Sunset, it is using the Sky, this is so artistic and natural. He captures nature with the way he has used the sails in the article .He does write well, you can read his articles again, and yet you remember what he is saying.

He has got a very gentle way of writing and using words, his whole personality is that gentle way. He is a lovely person.

Pauline Montgomery