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COMMUNITY Life of local campaigner, Jan Barron, to be celebrated in the community with a new award



Everyone loves Panto right? Well, The Haven Players think they’re far too much fun to wait until Winter so here’s our Summer Panto! – The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Hamelin is overrun with RATS!!! The villagers are at their wits end but Mayor Garage’s promises to rid the town of them seem about as empty as the mysterious Pied Pipers purse..

As Rats go, these ones are pretty adorable and our younger members definitely steal the show as the bothersome wee blighters. They just can’t resist the tunes the wily Piper plays…

Will the preening Mayor of Hamelin ever pay the Piper or will the Fairy have to magic away the Mayors mess? Won’t somebody think of the children!

Fairy – Diane Hanson
Mary Lou – Romilly Huxley
Ted – Yana Mason
Angular Miracle – Charisse Goddard
Mayor Garage – Bob Hammond
The Councillor – Rhodri Corner
Bish – Kirsti Bennett-Koster
Bosh – Alicia Jay
Lame boy – Tiana Tumblety
Pied Piper – Sue Davies

Performances are as follows:
Friday July 19th, 7.30pm
Saturday July 20th, 1.00pm matinee & 5.00pm.

Venue: Stone Cross Memorial Hall, Dittons Rd, Stone Cross, Pevensey, BN24 5EL
Tickets are available from www.havenplayers.com or call 01323 767816.

Adults £8, Children £4.