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This lady told me about her childhood wish

Occasionally, a chance meeting with a stranger can change your perspective on many things, and this article is my way of saying thank you to those that I have met that have done exactly this.

As an adult that never learnt to drive, I rely heavily on the public transport in the Bay, and whilst waiting for the bus outside St.Wilfrid’s a few years back, A lady at the bus stop got chatting to me.

Now firstly, this is one of the many things about the area that fascinates me. I grew up in London until I was around 10, so the idea of not talking to stranger was instilled in me from a young age. But here in the south east of England, everyone is so friendly! I do not remember exactly what led to the story I am about to tell you, but somehow we got on to the concept of every cloud having a silver lining.

This lady told me about her childhood wish of having curly hair. She then went on to tell me her story, she spoke of her experience with cancer, and overcoming it. She went on to explain that the chemotherapy had caused her to lose her hair, and much to her delight, when it started to grow back, rather than being the pin straight hair she had had all her life, she grew the most wonderful curls. Throughout our conversation, she did not once seem sad, or angry about her battle with cancer, because she was so happy to finally have the curly hair she had dreamed of.

She was so focused on the positive within the negative, that the rest of it just melted away.

Ever since that day, I have tried to keep that lady in mind. I do not know her name, I have never seen her since that day, but with every experience life throws at me, I try to find the positives within the negatives.

I just wanted to take this time to give a little insight into one of the many things that makes Pevensey Bay such a wonderful place to be, and hopefully give the message that no matter what life is throwing at you, there will always be a silver lining!

My Generation is a monthly column written for the Journal by 24 year old, Dani Lee, a local resident living in Pevensey Bay. The column is her first journalist assignment since completing a degree in media at the University of Chichester.

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