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image credit: Jan Barron: “At the Turning of the Bay” [2018]

full details:
Assistant Hotel and Restaurant Manager
Chef—full time
Bar Manager—full time

The Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay, which went through a major restoration project last year, today (4 February) posted a sequence of job opportunities which will lead to a brand new staff complement

In the post they say, “we’re hiring! The Bay Hotel is looking for bright, enthusiastic professionals to join our growing team. “If you have experience in hospitality, specifically in running a bar and would like to be part of an exciting new hotel, restaurant and bar by the beach, please email a CV and covering letter”.

The positions include not just a full time bar manager.

Another position on offer includes a full time chef for the restaurant. The hotel says, “we are looking for a chef to join our newly renovated restaurant. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to make their mark on a kitchen, with the scope to create a real identity for this new and upcoming hotel and restaurant”.

A third position posted today is for a key managerial function, “assistant Hotel and Restaurant Manager”.

The appointments will see a new staff complement which will radically alter the profile of the services that are available, and raise the bar with the service threshold.

By introducing new quality staff from within the hospital industry, the seal and standard set on the refurbishment can now transfer to the quality of service inside the hotel and restaurant.

Launching the Pevensey Food and Drink Magazine last summer, editor Jayne Howard, talking about the importance of the hospitality sector to the locality, said “the success of the hospitality sector is extremely important to our local economy, providing social opportunities, combatting rural isolation, offering employment and, of course, a jolly good time”.

The establishment of these three new key hospitality roles in Pevvensey Bay, all at the same location, will not just chime with what the editor of the Pevensey Food and Drink Magazine sees as being vital to the local economy, but also with what has been said about the project at the Bay Hotel to the Pevensey Bay Journal.

Interviewed last year, the project management team gave the newspaper an opportunity to preview the restoration The completed transformation of the Bay Hotel was documented as being extraordinary, “something closer to a restoration rather than a renovation{.

The newspaper reported, “attention to detail and the formation of sets of open spaces that are community light, with space and simple features that sing and dance with sublime character, all in tune with the history of the public house, that dates back to 1898′.

The newspaper added, “nothing is overdone with the restoration of the Bay Hotel. Everything is done to the kinds of standard that you might see in a London public house, with a spin that says Pevensey Bay, with the light now filtering in to all areas”.

Seeing what had been done and hearing about the plans, The Journal commented to the project manager on site, who has been there every step of the complex and detailed way. “what has been done here, has the potential not just to transform the Bay Hotel and public house, but Pevensey Bay’.

The response of the exhausted, but clearly relieved and still smiling project manager was simple. He said, “that is exactly what we plan to do.”

Seeing the job opportunities posted today, what is evident is the commitment of the new hotel owner to Pevensey Bay in the long term.

We are seeing now not just the restoration of the building, but work turning to the social fabric inside the building, to the quality of service and staff.

A long term sustainable plan is being put into operation.

In this next wave we may well be seeing a golden hello to the kind of quality staff that can match the way in which the building now shines again. The real jewel in any crown is in the exquisite detail.

On a balmy summer night this year, if passing pedestrians see a restaurant brim full of people, and the wine sparkles and the pavement is humming with outside tables, then the plan with a new staff complement will have worked.

As well as residents brimming with pride about the restoration of our fortunes, we could be seeing a new visitor footprint established for the hotel and for the Bay. This has always been part of the plan.

The hotel, fully booked and the decks being cleared at the end of the evening for the next Open Mic Night for residents, will chime with what the hotel and Bay wants and needs, in tune with both the spirit of the Bay and the spirit of the hotel that dates us as a health resort back to the glory days of 1898.

Like the restored turret on our quirky walnut wimple, the date of the building has also been lovingly restored for everyone to see again.

In relation to our economic regeneration, the value of what is being done at the Bay Hotel extends well beyond the boundary of the new forecourt.

One thing the new owner of the Bay Hotel means is business. What you see now as a visitor to the village at the turning of the Bay, is impressive, whatever your choice of charabanc.

A new complement of staff is the next natural big wave for the fortunes of the hotel.

As the Pevensey Bay Journal has suggested, what has been done here, has the potential not just to transform the Bay Hotel and public house, but Pevensey Bay.

Simon Montgomery
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