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Wonderful creative photograph from Pevensey Bay resident, Barbara Butterworth, this morning on the buzzing local social media scene.—Bay Life, 31 August 2017

The photograph makes the point about how litter locally is clogging up the beach scene, and what an interesting and engaging picture.

Photographs that make you think, and smile, and have a purpose, always stay with you in some way do they not?

Barbara, who organises ‘Pevensey Bay litter pickers’ every week on a Saturday morning, a group that is both a practical litter picking session on the beach as well as something of a small social circle for company and walks, has been described as an example of ‘Bay Society at its best’.

There is added creativity with this photograph.  The picture taps into the talent of Barbara Butterworth from a different perspective.

She is a very talented local artist and ceramicist, who exhibits thorough the year. Her work is regarded as being of significant merit.

The positioning of ‘found objects’ to create art is as old as the hills. Here we see a contemporary take that has an element of spontaneity as well as practical purpose do we not?

The photograoh is also a work of art of some description, both subtle and striking. For example an artist of the calibre of Gillian Wearing might understond immediately how the composition here is assembled to make a strident point.

Talking about the picture, Barbara told Bay Life this morning (31 August), ‘anything to promote cleaning up the beaches and stopping rubbish being washed into the sea.

‘I don’t think people realise that what they leave or throw away on the beach end up in the sea and is eventually broken down into micro plastics and ingested by marine life.

‘Thanks you for the article’.

The creativity in the photograph and the point being made is one that a communications agency might chose to promote nationally, if there were to be national campaign again to clean up British beaches and a search for a photograph that could represent the campaign.

Might we be looking at an award winning photograph to promote a clean up of British Beaches?

Does this photograph resonate in a way that the ‘superheroes’ theme concocted by a national agency on behalf of the Government with the curiosity of a young man standing on a pile of rubbish on a British beach did not? Maybe it was the fancy dress costume hired for the day of the photoshoot that was discordant in some way.

Here is the work of a very talented artist and organiser of perhaps one of the paradigmatic voluntary groups in Pevensey Bay.

There is a connection in the photograph to the local scene that is marked. The interpretation is beautiful and the irony that comes from the assemblage with the hint of a smile is unmistakable.

Congratulations to the photographer, Barbara Butterworth,

Perhaps we will be seeing this photograph again in the shape of a poster across Pevenesy Bay about litter on the beach.

Could there be anything more appropriate than seeing this photograph as a poster up in cafes across the locality as a reminder of the challenge to litter pick on the beach and for people to clear up their own rubbish?

We see a message that really brings the point being made home.