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THIS WEEK Plans begin to see Pevensey Bay and locality become ‘homegrown festival showcase'

COMMUNITY Life of local campaigner, Jan Barron, to be celebrated in the community with a new award



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Simon Montgomery
Pevensey Bay Journal, edition 27

Interesting to hear of a discussion that took place yesterday (July 16) by two informed local stakeholders in Pevensey Bay with regard to the possible establishment of a Pevensey Chamber of Commerce.

There is no representative body of any description here for local business and such a move might be welcomed by local businesses.

Many small coastal resorts have a representative business body of some description (perhaps most), certainly even small coastal resorts of the size of Pevensey Bay have such representative bodies.

Here the absence of any useful, meaningful body to represent local business is noteworthy.  There is a huge gap in which there may be value.

A Chamber of Commerce might conjure up a dated image.

The name is arcane. For some people they imagine jolly red faced white men in their fifties with red faces in their terylene trousers from Mark and Spencer, exchanging freemason handshakes.

Their exclusive powerpoint presentations might have been news in the eighties. Perhaps now they have added a few quotes from the Idiots Guide to Social Media to aid their presentations, but sadly chambers of commerce seem now to be one sandwich short of a hotel picnic in terms of any real understanding of the economic and social context of the communities that they serve.

Nonetheless an organisation of some description here to represent local business is well overdue.

A name change may or may not be necessary, ‘a forum for local business’ might have a more modern sound in the cloud, but whatever the title, work could be done to look at questions of relocation of business, the development of grant provision for the locality and thinking towards inward investment.

None of this work has been done in Pevensey Ba. A business body representative of local business values, might be one way to proceed.

We understand that a media release about the possibility of some kind of group with regard to the possible establishment of a Pevensey Chamber of Commerce may be made public in the coming months.

If this is the case we will publish what is released to the local press and support such an endeavour.

When the discussion turned to acronyms yesterday we understand one of the people convened sketched a peacock, pointing out that the acronym from Pevensey Chamber of Commerce (PCC) looked  a little like letters that comprise part of the word peacock.

A proud display of local business here, in a small way., could be transformative to the fortunes of business that are considering re-location, for example. Support, for the first time, could be given at the ground level. How much support do we see for comapines considering re-location here? The answer is none.

Seeing the involvement of young new businesses here (of which there are a number) in the foundation of some representative local business body would be an encouraging breath of fresh air

The establishment of a co-ordinated local business organisation here, shared by many enterprises based in the Bay and Pevensey, could help local promotion of business and the call for the desperate need for inward investment.