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THIS WEEK Extraordinary plan for historic Mint House in Pevensey: Exclusive Interview with new owner

COMMUNITY Proposal to develop Anderida House into six flats: Poverty of thinking is abject

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Gareth Southgate: The realistic, patriotic, modest man in the waistcoat

“In life there are really complex, difficult jobs and some are more complicated and difficult than others. But when you look around at inventions, or records that have been broken, you have to tell yourself that anything is possible.

“What’s impossible about it is to keep everybody happy. You know, governments get elected on 38% of the vote. We won the other night but I still had a couple of emails – and I have to change my address, by the way – saying: ‘Really good, but you should be picking this one and that one.’ So, I think: ‘Right, OK … [blows out cheeks]’. It’s impossible to please everybody all of the time but you just have to believe that you’re making decisions for the right reasons.”
—Gareth Southgate, Friday 6 July 2018

Three hostelries on our shirts: Castle Inn, Aqua Bar, Bay Hotel.

Castle Inn
Come and join us this Saturday
BBQ starts at 2:30 Kick off at 3pm.
Then dance the night away with the wonderful heartbeats from 9pm

Aqua Bar
Sweden v England playing on 3 screens

Bay Hotel
So Tuesday was tense! Are we ready to go again?!?! Head down to the Bay Hotel Saturday for the next game, with amazing atmosphere, special drinks menu and a FREE buffet after the match.what more could you ask for !