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The remarkable story of the Bay Hotel in the fifties, told in words and pictures by daughter of Stan Love and Muriel, Lynda …now Leventon

She tells the story from memories, pictures and a recollection of particular incidents.

The story or the Bay Hotel, 1954-1971, is being pieced together like a series of Life Magazine photojournalism stories, with captions.

The information is to be presented as a set of information and history boards as part of the pilot Pevensey Arts and Literature Festival that is being planned to take place in the late summer of 2018.

Here we present the initial sketch of a first stage in the process of piecing the whole story together with a remarkable set of images from the fifties and sixties.

The story of the Bay Hotel will form part of the festival as the hotel plays host to the Goon Show element of the festival which is to be based at the location.

“Just remembered”, comments Lynda today (8 January 2018)…Percy Grainger [composer of English Country Garden], and his wife stayed with us..and Rollo Gamble, Director of “Ready Steady Go” used to visit the bar!

“He gave us tickets for the show and we used to catch the train to Victoria to go to it..Great fun.”

. With special thanks to Lynda Leventon.

view initial photo album here