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To enter the photography competition simply send us up to three images utilising we transfer to our email address info@pevenseybaylife.co.uk. Closing date for all entries 11 June.

IMAGE CREDIT: The Storm, Gary Sadler, winner Bay Life Photography Competition 2014

local photography competition begins

Our photography competition begins tomorrow (Friday 11 May 2018). Full details are available here. The competition is open to any local photographer that would like to send us up to three images.

The photograph by Gary Sadler , the last winner, received nearly 500 votes. The work was a worthy winner.

Already we have three photographs sent to us, please wait until we officially launch the competition before sending us further work.

This photograph will be difficult to beat, but already we have seen some striking images that will make, we believe, the competition of value in the promotion of Pevensey Bay, Pevensey, Normans Bay and Westham to the visitors that we desperately need, to promote the unique identity of our communities.

This year the winning images will be promoted also in our newspaper, The Pevensey Bay Journal and put forward as possible consideration for the 10 iconic image set of postcards that we hope will become classic postcards sold in locations across the communities.

An independent panel of judges looking to whittle down the photographs to ‘the top twenty’ put forward to the final last time, said about the work of Gary Sadler, at the conclusion of the competition, “this image was a clear favourite from the start for the finals of the Bay Life Photographic Competition 2014, the third piece of work from Gary Sadler.

“It appears to be incredibly simple, but in fact there is a great deal going on in the picture to discover, that has lasting value.

“It is clearly identifiable as a local scene. It captures the strength of the sea and the storm together with the relationship with the groyne and the Bay. It is a natural composition that depicts an aspect of life in the Bay at a particular point in the seasons, that people know well. The way that wind spatters the water on the groyne is almost cinematic. It links to the recent floods that have battered the shoreline over the winter.

“Judged as a picture as very near perfection.and attracting close to 500 votes”.

Bay Life Local Photography competition 2018
Opening date for entries Friday 11 May 2018
Closing date for entries Monday 11 June 2018
Voting 12 June for two weeks, to 10:00pm Sunday 24 June
Winner and second and third places announced Monday 25 June

The winner of the second of these annual Bay Life competitions,The Storm, by Gary Sadler