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BUSINESS Ten local food establishments sign up to Pevensey Food Festival


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Patty, Peter and Pastor Edwin
Pevensey Bay Baptist Church
Eastbourne Road, Pevensey Bay BN24 6HJ

Pevensey Bay Baptist Church—Upstairs

  • Patty and Peter invite you to join us, the first two were great…
  • As before, bring books to exchange if you like, bring cakes etc or not, come anyway and visit with friends and meet new ones
  • Entertainment and fun for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon

Seeing that our first two get togethers were so popular, here is the third one

It is hoped that the afternoon will be less challenging than the one of December 15 last year, when it was so cold, blowing a huge gale and raining like crazy.

That said, quite a few of you braved the elements to enjoy meeting new friends, and having an afternoon tea with lovely snacks and cream cakes… and chatting and winning prizes.

Peter provided uplifting music to accompany a slide show of some of his 10,000 photos taken round the world over many years. he and I lived in the States for 40 years and travelled and lived in Mexico, Coast Rica, Nairobi, Australia and oters.

We now live in beautiful Pevensey Bay and are committed to people meeting and sharing with each other and what they are interested in, their pets etc.

We are thrilled that humanity is having a lightbulb moment regarding cleaning up the planet, our home….

The Daily Mail has a project to clean up the UK, which I am totally in agreement with… however.Peter and I will be in Mexico.

Having had worm bins in our garden in Californian since 1974, for composting all our food waste which turns into rich soil for our flowers and vegetables, we are very excited about encouraging everyone to do the same and will show people, how to do it at very very little cost or work. The worms do all the work.

We are also delighted to see that many people ate now making creative use of things that would otherwise go to landfill. There is a huge mall in Sweden where everything in all the shops is recycled stuff. It is situated near a big dump where people bring old items which are then reworked into new creations. Sounds like a fabulous idea. So many folks are doing so many wonderful projects to clean up and protect our beautiful home given to us by Almighty God. I bet lots of you have ideas around this theme.

We have an apiary in our village to support to support the bees  How cool is that? And lots of other positive projects.. What other ideas do you have?

So welcome back to those of you who attended before and welcome to new people in town. we really look forward to meeting you and sharing…….

There is much to share and loving support to give each other.

Feel free to bring favourite cakes, biscuits etc…. healthy if possible, and crafts to show us.There are so many talented people in our village.

Patty and Peter at 01323 761785 and Pastor Edwin look forward to seeing you.