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Christmas Eve 2017
available in local newsagents, price forty pence

We would like to thank the local people that have contributed to the pages of the Pevensey Bay Journal over the last year, from the essays that we have received, articles and media releases to the letters, right down to the one line letter offered by Gina Bowman. She simply said “I agree with everything that your young opinion writer, Dani Lee, has said”.

Along Normans Road is the man who is interested in the features about planning questions. He keeps looking for a copy and always asks when the next edition will be out.

The wit of local author, Michael Racher, who is working on a fantasy novel, has entertained people with his leaderboards.

There have been accounts the road to Pevensey Pier and the Time Lords and their episode in which they arrive at Planet Pevensey Bay in the middle of a feasibility study for our beach huts.

Alan Everard has skilfully woven his word pictures in his guest column, “A brush with Nature” in which he looks at local questions related to art and nature, the two subjects close to his heart.

His word pictures show all the skilful brush strokes that he applies lovingly to his pictures of Thames Sailing Barges that you can buy in the Ocean Bakery and Restaurant here in Pevensey Bay.

There is always fine insight and compositional balance in what he writes, together with acutely observed small detail and insight about the wildlife here in the locality.

The pieces are well written.

Our letters pages have been concerned with some of the critical questions that we face as a community.

Our MP, Huw Merriman, has contributed personal exclusive pieces about matters that he sees as being important in this corner of the constituency.

Margaret Martin, a friend of Pevensey Bay Library, has contributed both far reaching pieces about the future of Pevensey Bay Library as well particular articles and letters at various staging posts in the campaign to save our local library.

There have been articles about the birth of Beachlands and the re-discovery that the initial plan for the estate was the work of Thomas Cecil Howitt, one of the pre-eminent provincial architects of the 20th century.

Features have looked at the library campaign, and the Pevensey Town Trust.

Opinion pieces have looked at everything from young people and their place in the Bay, to the role of complementary medicine from a personal perspective.

Four leaderboard writers, 7 opinion writers, 3 guest columnists and although there is no Alan Partridge in a Pevensey Tree, in our Court and Social section, Carrie-Anne Mckie has added the kind of wit about her travels that could grace national pages of a lifestyle section of newspaper.

Our news matrix now sees the voices of local people seen and heard in our street voice pop ups from the newsfeeds of local Facebook pages.

Written into the pages of the Journal is a celebration of all that is best about our communities, a debate about important local questions and our campaign on subjects like the regeneration of local economic activity and the preservation of precious community assets.

We will be here as well to witness the plan to implement Pay and Display, which could see the most radical transformation of our High Street in a generation, to see what people have to say

Our MP is here, the Parish Council is here, the Wealden Council feasibility study for the Beach Huts is here. East Sussex County Council is here writing responses to a number of our articles.

What makes the body politic of the broadsheet hyperlocal newspaper work is the contributions of all the local writers, (this year 26 local writers), with their various views and perspectives.

Add to those perspectives, the features in support of new campaigns, events, festivals and local history and heritage and the illustration, fine art and photograph, with contributions from people of the calibre of Jan Barron and Christine Racher, and you have somewhere in the mix, a small scale broadsheet that really is at the birth of the hyperlocal press in Sussex.

Twas Christmas Eve in the workhouse and we will shut up shop now until the New Year.

Thank you for buying the Bay Life Journal and what you have said about the newspaper.

Have a great Christmas.