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Boris Johnson goes to visit the European Union today in Luxembourg, comparing himself to the Incredible Hulk. Huw Merriman, MP for Bexhill and Embattled, stands firm

As the country waits to see what will happen this week with the decision of the Supreme Court over prorogation, local MP Huw Merriman has given an emphatic answer to his constituents who are wondering if he will ‘cross the floor’ of the House of Commons and join some of his ex-colleagues by becoming an independent or a Liberal Democrat.

Will The Conservative Party now turn into the Brexit Party? Will the Liberal Democrats now form the natural opposition? Will the Labour Party implode? When the game of musical chairs stops in Parliament, will we have a Parliament that can work for the people of this country?

Etymologists point out that the word Parliament is Middle English from the from Old French parlement meaning ‘speaking’, from the verb parler . What happens if Parliament does not parley?

Perhaps these questions are now bigger than Brexit.

Historians point to the fact that at end of the English Civil War, two generations passed before some families began to talk teach other again. In this whirlwind perhaps we can learn from history.

The despair in the country is palpable and this is the case in Pevensey Bay with public discourse. Last week in the Ocean View Bakery and Restaurant, there were two tables of people and both were talking about Brexit, disagreeing on the subject.

Perhaps what is interesting in the febrile atmosphere of national debate about Brexit, which appears to have done so much to have broken the country, is that such a tweet by a local Conservative MP has even been posted this morning.

Talking on bis twitter feed this morning (Monday 16 September), Huw Merriman MP said.

“What would I regret by crossing the floor..
Betraying my party, colleagues, principles,voting record, constituents (who voted for me as a #Conservative MP) and question why I became an MP so I could hold my leader to account?
Since when did being consistent be viewed so badly?”

What he has said sounds almost Pythonesque. What have the Romans ever done for us?

Does Huw Merriman MP seriously believe that he can hold his leader to account?

Is MP Huw Merriman standing firm or sitting on his hands?

The future of the country appears to be stuck in this whirlwind.

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson takes his hackneyed carriage of a metaphor about the Incredible Hulk, to Luxembourg today, Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo, who played the character, responded in a tweet, “Boris Johnson forgets that the Hulk only fights for the good of the whole. Mad and strong can also be dense and destructive”.

So much would appear to be now at stake for the country.

Local MP Huw Merriman clearly has a deep sense of public duty. He is an engaged and credible local MP who has spent many hours up and down the land of his constituency talking to young people in schools and  colleges about the history and priniples of Democracy and Parliament.

If the choice is between Boris Johnson and his hackneyed carriage of a metaphor today and William Cobbett and his rural rides, then William Cobbet might win the day. Perhaps we can learn from the fact that the journeys and essays of William Cobbett are now a matter of public record.

Boris Johnson is not Churchill, he may not even be a facsimile of the Churchill nodding insurance dog.

Like Willam Cobbett, with his rural rides in the 1820s, up and down this land, in his heart of hearts, local MP Huw Merriman, must wonder what will happen for the future of the Conservative Party.