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Community deeply divided over support for second application to develop Beach Tavern site

Our poll, which is to be published in edition 20 of the Pevensey Bay Journal, shows an even split between people that support the development and people that are against the development.

In the first day of voting, there was was a total of 12 votes, 6 people supporting the application, 6 people against the application.

There is an opportunity for local people, to meet the developer, Ray Foss, at a Pevensey Parish Council planning committee meeting that is to be held on August 7 at St.Wilfrid’s Hall in Pevensey Bay.

The site of the Beach Tavern occupies a pivotal role in the perception of Pevensey Bay because of the position of the location. This point applies to both residents and visitors.

David Banks, who lived in Coast Road in Pevensey Bay for 30 years, and continues to take a keen interest in the profile of Pevensey Bay commented, with regard to the decision by Ray Foss, the developer of the site to turn up at the Parish Council meeting, “this is a brave decision by the developer, top marks”

The meeting may attract 50 to 100 local people, as, to a certain extent, the future profile of the village is at stake.

There has been some concern amongst residents that the meeting may take place in the afternoon of Tuesday 7 August, when many people will not be able to attend.

Bay Life understands that the meeting is to be held in the evening.

Whilst the time of the meeting is not yet known, when the time is made public, we will publish both the time and further information about the way in which the meeting is to be managed.

Pevensey Parish Council, as was demonstrated by the extraordinary parish council meeting held on 5 January 2018, is now developing a sound reputation with regard to openness and engagement with the community.

There is every expectation that the meeting will provide an opportunity for residents to say what they think about the proposal with the second application made by the developer.

A source at Pevensey Parish Council said “we can assure residents that this meeting will be held in the evening, agendas and dates and times of all meetings are posted in advance to our website”.

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