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image credit: Chris Racher: Pevensey Bay, Vehicles of Yesteryear 2018

Three year action plan in community gets into gear

Pevensey Parish Council which is beginning a three year action plan in the community, will see their role extended and a variety of community initiatives supported.

They are to take an active role in the Vehicles of Yesteryear event this year, to be held on Saturday 6 April 2019, by making available a download option for booking forms.

The event, which sees hundreds of people coming to the Bay enjoying a day out in celebration of some classic cars, is a keynote event in the local calendar.

Vehicles of Yesteryear is supported through sponsorship provided by MasonBryant, the estate agent based in Pevensey Bay. They have performed an active and very able role in the organisation of the event in addition to their sponsorship, with booking forms available from their office in the Bay.

The co-ordination and profiling of the event is an extensive operation, which has been performed with business skill and pizzaz by MasonBryant, over many years.

The pro-active involvement of Pevensey Parish Council now as well, will see a step change in the organisation of the event.

The event is both an attractive and well established feature of the calendar year in Pevensey Bay.

The possibility that the event could attract a grant provision of some description in future years, supported by the Parish Council, as a conduit, now seems possible.

Such a development in future years would see what has been described as ‘a pure Pevensey Bay event’ enhanced and in the process the unique values of the Bay projected to a wider visitor audience.

An all year round web platform whixch displayed the stars of the show each year, winners and new entrants, together with review, comment and details of other such local events, might prove to be winner in the digital world.

The combination of a classic analogue event, promoted by the local digital world, might become a badge and marker of some description that could see the event more widely promoted.

Such a state of the art “Pevensey Bay Vehicles of Yesteryear web platform” might cost something in the region of £2,000 to commission, with minimum maintenance and profile through the year and then a major three month profile built between Janaury and the start of April to promote the event each year.

Of course the event sees hundreds of people not just enjoying the delights of the event, but spending much needed money in the local cafes, restaurants and public houses.

Part of the three year plan being implemented to support the community could see Pevensey Parish Council adopt a more formal role in the search for a grant for such a purpose.

Clerk to Pevensey Parish Council, Sarah Mosedale, commented yesterday (February 4) on their Facebook feed “Vehicles of Yesteryear 2019. This year the event will be on Saturday 6th April 2019 at Sea Road Car Park, Pevensey Bay. Please see below a link to PPC website where there is more information and you can download the booking form”.

Talking about the the new role being adopted by Pevensey Parish Council, in the Christmas edition of the Peveney Bay Journal, the newspaper commented “These are desperate times, at the local and national level. New foundations have to be lain in parishes across the land if they are to survive.

“This questionnaire may be both the foundation and the catalyst that we need at the local level. As Peter Lowton had outlined, we are to see not one, but, a series of three year plans that will build.

“Perhaps we are seeing a cornerstone in the parish, an initiative with a public purpose, that is sustainable”.

The pro-active role adopted by Pevensey Parish Council in relation to the promotion of the Vehicles of Yesteryear event in Pevensey Bay this year, may be the first public example of their three year action plan beginning.

Pevensey Parish Council: Vehicles of Yesteryear