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In the first of three new retail units opening in Pevensey Bay, we welcome today (Monday 4 November), CycleTech, now gearing up for business.

CycleTech Eastbourne was based in Westham. They are a bicycle repair specialist offering a convenient collect & return service.

They provide a professional service to the competitive cyclist, leisure cyclist, commuter, local businesses, and educational establishments.

They say, “we pride ourselves on providing an efficient, cost effective service to all our customers for: Bike Repairs, New Bike Sales, including Merida, Transition and Forme., Quality Used Bike,  Bicycle Servicing, Maintenance, Spare Parts,, Cycle Fleets & Corporate”

They add, “maintenance is a necessary part of owning any bike, and regular servicing will ensure that you will get years of safe, trouble-free riding. Regular servicing also reduces the risk of large repair bills”.

“A properly assembled and maintained bike is likely to be safer and a lot more fun to ride”.

The location at Anderida House brings back to business life the office that was built in 1932 by Martin and Saunders to plan the Beachlands estate here in Pevensey Bay.

The history of the building has been noted by Historic England, both as a location and as part of the story of Pevensey Bay.

The location is widely seen, pointing at 45 degrees to the Beachlands estate. like an early Art Deco obelisk, and is very much a part of the story of the Pevensey Bay in the twentieth century.

In recent years the property had been home to a dance studio.

The decision by CycleTech to relocate here is being welcomed by local residents.

The quirky history of the Bay, the arrival of the Bay Hotel in 1898, marking the point when Pevensey Bay became what was described at the time as ‘a health resort’ is natural fit for a CycleTech shop in the twenty first century.

Cycling has been reborn in the twenty first century. A state of the art local service has the potential to become both a sustainable feature in the local economic landscape and a service that will enhance the profile of the Bay.

As we know, here in Pevensey Bay we are visited by families on their bikes from places like Germany, Holland and France in the summer months The Limes boutique Bed and Breakfast in Westham specialises in providing a base for some of these families ,whilst they are with us.

Perhaps next year as the season begins, we might be seeing a bike hire scheme for visitors offered by CycleTech at Anderida House.

The time is right for a cycle shop in Pevensey Bay.

Yvonne Hancock, who has lived here for 38 years put the point succinctly, she told Bay Life about the imminent arrival of CycleTech ‘that will work”.

The opening of CycleTech today at historic Anderida House, may mark a sea change moment in the story of Pevensey Bay.

On Wednesday 20 November we will be seeing the press launch of the restored Bay Hotel, work that is exquisite and has taken nearly a year to complete.

To come also is a florist opening and a new retail enterprise at the old newsagents in the Eastbourne Road.

Much positive attention in Pevensey Bay is being drawn by the restoration of the Bay Hotel.

The work is being credited with breathing new life into the economic infrastructure here.

The new niche shop network in Pevensey Bay is starting to take shape.

CycleTech: Anderida House: 1 Wallsend Road, Pevensey Bay BN24 6AE 01323 660150 www.cycletecheastbourne.com