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THIS WEEK NETWORK RAIL: Improvement works: Awareness campaign, 34 stations across Sussex

COMMUNITY Grand Village Draw: In aid of Pevensey Defibrillator Fund

BUSINESS Business Post of Week: Vines Flowers, Westham: Touched to the heart

Vines Flowers in Westham, the successful home to the business that is a friend in happiness and sadness has commissioned a new web platform.

The business, based in the heart of the High Street in Westham, is a nexus for local communications as well as flowers for all occasions, floral arrangements, weddings, funerals, special occasions and event planning.

As well as being a communications tool for all the services that Vines Flowers has to offer, the new web platform will include dynamic eventboards about activity in the village and Jo Blogs.

Jo Blogs is name for a new communications element that is to be utilised by owner of Vines Flowers,  Jo Ruby Belcher. The blog  will embed on social media a weekly guide to some of the big questions in and around Westham that bring people together in community wide campaigns.

Like the shop and shop front, the new Vines Flowers web platform will be online for local people in happiness and sadness.

The new web platform will be smartphone ready, with Twitter and Facebook social media feeds embedded online as part of the profile and with a weekly interactive noticeboard feature about upcoming events and special occasions in the village.

The new Vines Flowers business and communications shopfront online launches on Monday 3 September 2018