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Found this stone on Peversey Bay beach. Written on the back was to re hide. Done good luck to them next person
Maria Glanville, 7:51am, Bank Holiday Monday 22 April


editor note: Lovely, maybe there is a business opportunity for someone here.

Maybe there is a bit of a feel good factor movement with these stones left on the beach here in Pevensey Bay?

Perhaps we should record and document these feel good factor stones.

How about that for a new business, for someone with a bit of flair who wants to publicise Pecveney Bay and earn a little money?

Pevensey Bay, Feel good factor stones sounds like quite a good name. or something similar

People buy them from a shop in Pevensey Bay (we would recommend Over the Moon in North Roadas the exclusive outlet) with messages that people can buy and simply leave on the beach for other people to find. Maybe we could help promote such a venture. MIght be great if they carried some good messsage about Pevensey Bay.

In Brighton, The North Lanes there was a man abut ten years ago with a state of mind type business that cleaned up for a few years, that was simply stones that looked like mobile phones. He painted in numbers and sold them for about £2:00 about 10 were sold a day, with some other more expensive stones also painted by him on a little stall

He always said the same thing with each one when he sold them, (The stones that looked like mobile phones) he said “They work but you might find the reception is a bit rocky”….. I still have one!!

Maybe there are other businesses of his kind of description in seaside locations, nothing is new under the sun.

Simon. editor Pevensey Bay Journal