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COMMUNITY UPDATE: Pevensey Mini History Festival

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Hosted by Pevensey community library: Saturday 11 May 10:00am.

Latest update 5 May:
Joining the management committee: We only have four places left so may need to vote on it!

Our first official meeting in the library! Let’s recap what we’ve done so far, plan what’s left to do and decide on some details. We would also like to formalise a management committee, and if you’re interested in joining the committee please let me know. We only have four places left so may need to vote on it! If you want to know more then call me.
Helen Burton
07990 751469

what Pevensey community library says…. in developing our plan to save the library….

About Pevensey community library
Our aim is to reopen Pevensey Bay Library! We want you to be able to pop in for a chat and find local community information amongst friends.

Company overview
We are a non-profit Community Interest Company, and if we take on the management of Pevensey Bay Library we will be assembling a management committee made up of local people.

If you are interested in being part of this project please get in touch – you will be very welcome!

General information
In developing our plan to save the library, it was critical for us that we did not rely on any ESCC funding, and as the plan started to form we realised that actually we could save the library without relying on money from East Sussex! This means that we are not at the mercy of government cuts, and that we, as a community, can manage our library making it sustainable for years to come.

Our plan actually offers more than is currently available to residents of Pevensey. We can not only keep the existing library service in full, but we’ll add a community hub to the site, offering residents the chance to pop in for a chat over a cup of tea, a place to find out what is happening locally and a lot more community information on offer. In addition, because of the links our project has already made with hundreds of community organisations in and around Eastbourne we will bring a lot more community services and activities into the Parish. It will finally become the hub of this parish that it deserves to be, and all controlled by a local management committee for the benefit of local residents.

If ESCC proceed with their plans to remove funding for our library, we believe our plan will result in a better use of that building and more on offer for residents.