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Perhaps in the process, as Pevensey Bay changes, we can become more closely linked to our proud niche past as a beautiful, quirky small coastal location with a distinct identity. Nothing seems more appropriate in our perambulation than a bicycle shop for Anderida House to take us back to 1932 and the golden age of the bicycle. Built new for the digital age, Anderida House could become not just a beacon pointing to Beachlands, but a new enterprise with ten, state of the art gears, pointing to a healthy future.
—Bay Life, 11 September 2019

Pevensey Bay is blessed by citizens who have lived here for many years. Some of these people can clock up 30, 40 50 years and more with their links to the locality.

If you want to know about the art deco inspired long rectangular clock above the old Midland Bank, above what is now the community library, then ask a citizen who lived here in the fifties. People would meet under the clock.

What is interesting about the people that have lived here for so many years is that they know Pevensey and Pevensey Bay inside out.

They will tell you in detail about the old local shops, their locations and stories about the people who have lived here, the changing fortunes of places like Beachlands, Martin and Saunders (the builders of Beachlands) the seafront, the Beach Tavern, once the Honey Pot Tea Rooms, the day that Peter Sellers, the international actor and comedian knocked on their door looking to buy a house for his mother and 101 other stories about the life and social fabric of Pevensey Bay over many years.

The knowledge that these people have is untapped, in terms of the value that their understanding of the social and economic context here, as is their views of future plans and developments and the arrival of new niche shops.

We are aiming to put that right with a new VoxPop feature that will give voice to their views

Pevensey Bay is changing. New niche shops are beginning to arrive, these shops have the possibility of adding new life to our little shopping parade and to Pevensey Bay and to the Bay as a visitor destination experience.

We have the quality range and character that is right for eating experiences, we can add to the portfolio with niche shops. This is something that has happened in other small locations, some of them coastal locations.

Contractors suggest that over £1 million is being spent on the Bay Hotel, that might only be the start.

In Pevensey there is a major project with the historic Mint House that could see a cluster of creative arts businesses nestling in the nineteenth century outbuilding behind the famous Pevensey landmark.

Pevensey castle is being revitalised. English Heriage has built a new museum the historic site.

Here in Pevensey Bay, we appear to have three new niche shops arriving all at once, and there may be more.

Perhaps in this process Pevensey Bay will become more the traditional Pevensey Bay that people remember from the past, being re-cast for a new local age.

These things take a generation to happen, but they are clearly beginning to happen here.

As these changes take place we aim to check and monitor what people say with our new VoxPop feature.

Who is better placed than the people that have lived here for more than 30 years to tell us what will work and why as these shops arrive?

Perhaps the brave ambition behind the plans for the Bay Hotel, which will see a seven year investment plan beginning this month, will change everything about Pevensey Bay, and for all for the right reasons.

The Bay Hotel is beginning to return us to where we began., with the building of the hotel in 1898 and the establishment of Pevensey Bay as a ‘health resort’.

What will come next?

Next up is Anderida House, once office in 1932 to the plan to build Beachlands. An application  has been put forward to turn the building that has a historic note in Pevensey Bay into a bicycle shop.

Who better than some of the citizens that have lived here for 30 plus years to test whether the plan will work and what is right for Pevensey Bay?

In the first of our VoxPops, we turn to Yvonne Hancock who has lived here for 35 years and has a close link in her family with the building of Beachlands.

VoxPops take place at the new hairdressers in Pevensey Bay, Harper Hair Co.

The comfort and class of their chairs double as the psychiatrist chair as people enjoy the delights of the cutting edge hair styles created by Harper Hair Co. In the alchemic process in seeing their new styles emerge, people offer up to us their comments about life, the universe and the world wide web of the Wallsend Road that is the boundary to our historic parish.

On hearing that Anderida House might become a bicycle shop, Yvonne Hancock paused mid way through the creation of her new cutting edge hairstyle for a cup of coffee.

Her eyes lit up and she offered us the fist VoxPop.

“That will work, she said, with interest.

More VoxPops are planned to appear in Bay Life in the coming weeks and months as more news of niche shops coming to Pevensey Bay emerges.