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image credit: Chris French

Wednesday 7 November

14:45. The wildness of the last 18 hours has eased a little with the wind speeds down to around 21mph just after mid-day. Wind gusts recorded up to 37mph. Really heavy shower about 13:00. Currently grey cloud, sky clearing with some blue sky. A crazy 18 hours that started around 22:00 last night with 3 short power cuts that only lasted minutes in parts of Pevensey Bay.

In the Timberlaine road area of Pevensey Bay residents reached for their torches as the lights flashed on and off three times over a few minutes.

This morning residents woke to bird tables thrown round the garden by the wind, the random sound of doorbells and through the morning the sight of bin man gamely battling to empty the bins in the gales. People that could stay indoors stayed indoors and battened down the hatches. Dog walkers gingerly opened their doors with a decision not to risk a dog walk, as their faithful wet nosed friends sniffed the air and headed for their dog beds.

By the coming of the start of what seemed like a very early nightfall around 1600, there was an abatement with the wind and an eery kind of stillness after the craziness of the last 18 hours.

Along Coast Road in Pevensey Bay, local resident Chris French commented, “The gardeners will have a lot of work to do in my garden !!!!

Resident Iain Lowe added, “at 1600, the shingle cliffs on the beach have been pounded smooth. Just had an automated phone call with a flood warning for Pevensey Bay”.

Picture credit, Chris French at 11:52, Wednesday 7 November.

Met office forecast: Lomdon and South East

This Evening and Tonight:
Cloud and showers before midnight, then skies will clear thereafter. Showers may return to western areas later. Possible mist patches forming towards dawn, these mainly well inland. Rural grass frost possible. Minimum temperature 3 °C.