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THIS WEEK DVD 800th Anniversary Concerts: St. Nicolas church tribute to memory of Owen Visick

LETTERS Community asset nomination by the book: Purchase the Beach Tavern, but include a library

CAMPAIGN Friends of Library: Media release points the way towards charitable status for local library

Weather today

Weather forecast

Friday 3 November

Little streaks of blue sky, light high white wispy cloud, feels fresh and cold but quite nice in Pevensey Bay. Dry, no wind.

Sunrise 06:53 Sunset 16:31


Sea temperature 15°C/59°F

Wind speed 3mph

Cloud base 500ft

Wind direction East
Highest tide for day 10:27pm 6:83m

Low 4:08am High 10:05am Low 4:30pm High 10:27pm


Some bright spells will develop. Cloud may be thick enough at times for a few spots of drizzle. A light southwest breeze will develop. Tonight, it will be a cloudy evening and night with outbreaks of rain arriving later this evening, becoming heavy at times later. Sometimes misty with generally light winds.

More about Lucy, the weather girl whippet on Bay Life, with her wet nose download data forecast every morning.

Our newshound, Lucy the wonderful whippet, sticks her nose out of the lounge door into our inner courtyard in our offices in Timberlaine Road, next to the plush open plan Google offices with their fountains up the road and the new Facebook algorithm factory that is to be based locally, as Mark Zuckerberg invites himself to tea in the community. She comes indoors and I simply put my finger on her lovely wet nose to test the weather. This automatically downloads the necessary data online to provide the text service to the community. Everything happens within 3-5 minutes, at which point she simply sits up paying attention waiting for a biscuit.


On a more serious note, the weather forecast is a daily service to the community, on Facebook and on our main platform homepage (now with 1,000 page views a day), in particular aimed at people thinking of visiting the Bay from various points that want a simple snapshot of the day with the weather and other related information bundled into one post.

The data is gathered from about 6 different sources every morning first thing.. Lucy is always happy at this point and her only real role is to smile and wag her tail, but she really does like first thing in the morning when it is time for a biscuit.

Simon, editor, Bay Life