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image credit: Eastbourne Pier bandstand, Ben Dawson, 2019

The popular Over the Moon Party Shop in Pevensey Bay in North Road, plans to add a souvenir range to what they have to offer local people and visitors to the Bay.—Bay Life, 26 January 2019

Party supplies shop to extend range to include Pevensey Bay souvenir collection

The shop which is home to a range of party supplies, proudly displays offerings from helium balloons and fancy dress, to banners and table centre pieces caters for every kind of event from baby showers to birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, hen nights, celebrations, dinners, balls, banquets, barbeques, cocktail, festive events, fetes, functions, galas, luncheons, proms, receptions, shindigs, social get togethers and tea parties.

Their new souvenir collection is intended to capture what owners have described as the real spirit of Pevensey Bay.

Talking to the Pevensey By Journal today (Saturday 26 January), owner Hazel Lee said, “we have been thinking about this collection for some time and we will be interested to see what people will make of what we plan”. Talking about the initial stage of the plan, Hazel said that she is looking at the possibility of a Tea Towel first, possibly utilising a photograph or an illustration by a local person.

The shop has stocked mugs commemorating the beaching of the Pevensey Whale,  and also stocks a small range of cards illustrating buildings in the Bay. The Over the Moon Party Shop, they say, might be “a good location for the addition offering, as we have lots of display boxes “.

With a wide shop window frnotage, seen by many cars as they head towards the crossroads at the foot of North Road in Pevensey Bay, they have a ready made billboard for their wares.

A stamp of authenticity that promotes the quirky history of Pevensey Bay, with a range of souvenir,s is something that has been talked about in the Bay for a number of years.

A tea towel illustrating one of our glorious sunsets and the faded glory of the groynes, might go down a treat with visitors .

Anyone who has been to Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge will know the story of how famous artists who donated their work to the home that became an archived treasure house.

Owners, Jim Ede and his wife Helen, found work donated by Elizabeth Frink standing on the cupboard, left for them after she came to stay, and in the bathroom,  an illustrated shower curtain donated by Ben Nicholson.

The community is just beginning to wake up the fact that we may have an artist of national standing emerging in our midst, Ben Dawson.

Perhaps if he was commissioned to do a Pevensey Bay tea towel for the place he loves and calls home, that might make a start to the ‘souvenir collection’.

A tip might be to get his signature on the tea towel before he becomes famous.

The originality and authenticity of the product range, if well sourced, might get noticed.

Extending the range of party offerings at the Over the Moon Party Shop to include a ‘Pevensey Bay souvenir collection’, is an interesting idea, with a number of possibilities.

Over The Moon Party Shop
2 North Rd, Pevensey Bay, BN24 6AY
01323 325050