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Man 6 might be the next Russell Crowe, and I’ve even been on the Eastenders set and checked out the launderette!!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to walk around a movie set??, chatting to directors and acting in a film alongside some famous names?

I have been lucky enough to do exactly this over these past 8 years and what a blast.

As an extra, you’re not always given the opportunity to pull out all the stops for that Oscar winning performance!!, but it’s a fantastic way to get to know what it feels like behind the scenes.

And it’s a pretty big deal when a Hollywood star introduces himself to you, the most rewarding part of being a movie extra to me is talking to exciting interesting people.

Shooting scenes often takes much longer than you’d imagine, and when you’re on set for up to twelve hours you start to realise how much time is spent getting to know other extras and actors.

Don’t disregard the people who are doing the same job as you just because you’d rather try and network with the film crew.

Between takes is the perfect time to get chatting to ‘Man 6′ who is standing next to you because you never know how much experience they have had and you can always learn from other people.

He may be ‘Man 6′ now, but in two years he could be the next Russell Crowe or Hugh Jackman!!

Getting those txt messages from the agency is exciting to, one never knows what it will be for a Tv ad/sitcom or a BIG Hollywood blockbuster.

Life as an extra is never dull and you get paid to!!! I’ve even been on the Eastenders set and checked out the launderette!!

Have a fantastic weekend folks

Pevensey Pete

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