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THIS WEEK Plans begin to see Pevensey Bay and locality become ‘homegrown festival showcase'

COMMUNITY Life of local campaigner, Jan Barron, to be celebrated in the community with a new award



image credits: Vines Flowers

We had such a lovely time at our first floristry class at #Chalkfarm.

We all made gorgeous autumnal table decorations which were then put in the hotel ready for their coffee morning .

I just want to say a huge thank you to our first students for really making the class so lovely and thank you for making Caroline and I so welcome. I can honestly say I have not stopped smiling it really was lovely to meet you all and I can’t wait for next week.

Please remember Chalk Farm in Willingdon East Sussex is open for coffee, lunches, parties and weddings it’s a gorgeous venue snuggled in under the South Downs in a beautiful rural setting the ideal country wedding with accommodation so you can party on and not worry about getting home .

—Vines Flowers, 10 October 2019
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