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Westham Parish Council
1 August 2018

Residents upset to see dead fish on the surface of Westham Pond

Westham Parish Council has received some calls from some residents who were upset to see dead fish on the surface of Westham Pond recently.

It has spoken to the Environment Agency and understands the problem is countrywide and is a result of the recent severe weather which has caused the water level and therefore the oxygen levels to fall.

Westham Parish Council has removed the dead fish and installed a temporary underwater pump to help restore the oxygen levels until it rains heavily again.

Reports also state that the Parish Council does not carry out any maintenance of the Pond. In recent years it has carried out extensive works to the banks, monitored the water quality and the Pond remains part of its regular maintenance contract. The water quality has been tested independently and was found to be sound. It is due to be tested again shortly and if any action is needed Councillors will consider doing so at their next meeting. There is algae and fish and duck faeces on the Pond but this is natural and should clear with more rain.

Westham Parish Council has also been asked to put signs up asking people not to feed the ducks and if they must then to feed them alternatives to bread, such as seeds, instead. Westham Parish Council carries out regular competitions with local schools and has just picked out the two winning posters which once again will be displayed in the notice board within the grounds of the Pond.

Westham Parish Council has also received a report that some nearby gardens are being flooded when it rains heavily and some residents feel it is because of the Pond. There is a 1 in 8 chance the problem is on Westham Parish Council land because there are eight potential landowners involved so the Parish Council is working with Wealden District Council to carry out searches and identify the source of the problem. To take any other action in the meantime could prove to be unnecessary and expensive and/or make the situation worse.

30 July 2018