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Image credit: Westham Village Conservation Group

Today, Westham Conservation Group made this statement as a media release on the Facebook page.—Bay Life, 30 July 2018

Misunderstanding amongst some local residents about the village pond
There is some misunderstanding amongst some local residents about the village pond. Management of the pond is the responsibility of Westham Parish Council, NOT the responsibility of our group. Many local residents are understandably upset about the deteriorating ecological health of the pond, and members of our group have made representations to Westham Parish Council urging action and pointing out to the council the advice of various ecological experts, but to no avail. Our group has no powers to make the parish council take the action it needs to take, but rest assured the group takes the pond issue seriously and has done for some time.

The key to solving the pond problem is getting the council to take swift, decisive action, based on sound ecological advice in order to restore the pond to good health as quickly as possible. And perhaps the key to making the council act is local residents sending in letters of complaint to Westham Parish Council. If you send such a letter, please include in your letter an explicit request for your letter to be shared with ALL of the Westham parish councillors.
Westham Village Conservation Group, 30 July 2018