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The problems for our beloved pond. We now have a petition form in the shop . Please pop in and sign it

Today I feel like dancing in the rain . I am so thrilled that it’s raining however please don’t think this is the end of the problems for our beloved pond .

As a parishioner of Westham I am still very aware that the pond still needs dredging as even if we had continuous rain it will not be able to fill to its capacity due to being silted up and so in the next predicted dry spell forecasted we could well be back again to this very issue and the water still needs aerating however it was not on this morning when I went by but did get switched on later but was off again at just around 2pm.

Westham Parish Council still have not been transparent in explaining and implementing their plan of action and I am requesting that the plan Alison Hillman stated that Westham parish council were going to put in place for the pond is implemented immediately as so far apart from the aerator which is only tiny and not running all the time absolutely nothing on the ground has taken place.

Nor has the parish council been transparent with their answers to who they take pond advice or what management plans do they have for general maintenance of the pond or indeed what have they in place for situations such as the extreme heat .

Please remember Parish Council this is our money and under the freedom of information we have a right to ask . This was first asked before your recess for the holiday period.

We now have a petition form in the shop . Please pop in and sign it.

Joanna Ruby Belcher
Owner of Vines Flowers, 9 August 2018

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