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Talking to Katie Bundy about her contribution to the taster events for the Pevensey Food and Drink Festival was an education today (30 October).

Her plan for a taster event are linked to what she will be doing with the full festival that is to take place in 2020.

Katie who runs the award winning Ocean View Bakery and Restaurant at 7 Eastbourne Road, in Pevensey Bay, with her family, grinned from pixie ear to ear as she told Bay Life in her well versed vernacular style, that what the public should expect on Saturday is ‘some old tart’.

We know Katie well for her wit and wisdom and connection with her customers. Ask Katie about a particular couple that came to the cafe last month, and she will be able to tell you where they sat, their names and the name of their dog and what they had to eat. These are the kinds of quality that led to the award last year of Ocean Bakery being the Eastbourne Herald ‘cafe of the year’.

The guests booked on Saturday are about to enjoy a taster piefest.

The red carpet treatment will include a special starter on the ‘delicate piefest starter theme’, that she is yet to disclose. The main meal will showcase her signature steak and ale pie, followed by dessert options that will include a choice of apple pie, cheesecake or miniature profiteroles. Perfect billing for a piefest night.

As the evening progresses one of the best quiz nights in the locality will unfold.

The second ‘festival taster event’ aims to point the way to the Ocean View Bakery and Restaurant Piefest that is to take place in May 2020 as part of the first annual Pevensey Food and Drink Festival.

Katie explained that she will be pegging the price for the night at £13;00pp, and that people are free to bring their own drinks.

The special piefest quiz night takes place this Saturday 2 November, with a start time of 7:00pm.

The food and drink festival branded ‘Pevfeast’, is taking a lead from the successful Pevfest music event which ran here for five successful years.

Organisers are aiming to repeat the success of Pevfest, with Pevfeast, targeting this time, families with themed food events.

In 2020, a set of food themed events will draw families into the locality to sample the food delights that we have to offer, with carefully shaped plate sized events.

PIEFEST: the Second food and drink festival taster event at Ocean View Bakery and Restaurant, this Saturday, looks like becoming a showstopper.