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image credit: Jan Barron: Turning the corner on the Bay Hotel [2018]

THE GRAND OLD DAME and the exciting times ahead
We would like to keep all our customers old and new updated about the story of The Bay Hotel as it returns to its origins. The external works begin next week, please note the car park will be closed from Monday 11th Feb. but we will be open for business as normal. Your support and patience over the next few weeks would be gratefully appreciated.
—Karen Hudson, manager, Bay Hotel, 7 February 2019

the Life and Times of the Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay.
To mark the moment when restoration work began on the Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay, The Pevensey Bay Journal is to celebrate the restoration process with a special four page insert newspaper that will be published on Saturday March 30.

The results of extensive research, trawling contemporaneous local newspaper accounts from the day the plot of land was earmarked as a hotel for the ‘developing resort ‘ 1898, through to the 20s. 30s and the heyday of the hotel in the 1950s, right up to the restoration work in 2019, we present for the Digital Age, a newspaper insert that offers, the Life and Times of the Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay.

In Words and Deeds: The re-birth of the Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay
© The Pevensey Bay Journal 2019.

We would like to thank the new owner of the Bay Hotel, the project management team on site and Karen Hudson, manager of the Bay Hotel, for the help and support being provided, as we piece together this story.
—Bay Life, 7 February 2019