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Inside the Pevensey Whale with Liam Harper

A young University of Sussex undergraduate is to join the Pevensey Bay Journal from the publication of this coming edition (no. 27).

Twenty year old Liam Harper, who lives with his parents in Normans Bay has just finished a foundation year at the University of Sussex. He will return in October to begin his first year study with English and Philosophy.

Talking to the Journal today (17 July), Liam said he was looking forward to his new role as a columnist with The Journal because he was hoping to write for the University of Sussex Students union magazine this coming autumn and that “the experience will be useful for my CV”.

Liam. whose favourite author is Albert Camus, will be writing from a personal perspective about his life between Normans Bay and the campus at the University of Sussex in Brighton.

Liam lives on the beach fifteen yards from where the Pevensey Whale was beached in 1865.

Read his new column: Inside the Pevensey Whale, from edition 27 of the Pevensey Bay Journal. Available in local newsagents soon.