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image credit: Lumino Films

Local musician Peter Barron is celebrating this week as news comes that the title track from his album “One More Crow” has been optioned to be part of a soundtrack for a new movie.

Peter, who lives with wife Jan, in Coast Road, Pevensey Bay, told Bay Life, “the movie placement finally came up trumps and contracts have been signed”. He added, “there may be plans for a soundtrack”.

The new movie is being produced by LUMINO FILMS, a UK based company that makes “films with social issues that need airing”. Their sister company, SWIPE RIGHT, specialises in psychological horror/thrillers.

Writer/director of the film, Jane Sanger, has won film 15 awards.

The highly regarded Lumino Films has an international standing. They say about their films “CRUSHED was selected for Cannes Film Festival 2015. Our film THE CON GAME was also selected for Cannes Film Festival 2016″.

The film SWIPERIGHT is described as “a compelling and frightening horror/ thriller based around the dangers of a dating app”.

A trailer from the film should be available shortly.

Filming has finished and the company is about to enter into post production. This story they say “will have you on the edge of your seat. Starring Toyah Willcox, Sophie Ward, Jenny Wu”

The story is outlined with an explanation that “a mad doctor runs a unit where she treats children for various ailments and also has wildly ambitious plans for her neglected daughter to follow in her scientific footsteps.

“When the unit closes, the daughter is sent to boarding school along with her pet crow. She is bullied and seen as a freak so she carries on making spells and potions in the laboratory alone. What exactly are these for?

“News of the death of her mother allows the girl the freedom that she longs for and she gives up science for a girl dance troupe. When they go to a country house to practice their routine ready for a tv audition things start to go awry.They plan a party and use the dating app Swiperr to invite some young men around. Cryptic clues involving crows and a nursery rhyme are left in odd places and one by one the girls disappear. As the last two standing, the daughter and the dance teacher must solve the clues to save their friends and get out of the place alive”.

On the release of his latest album, Retro_Activ, in June this year, The Pevensey Bay Journal said “With his heart set firmly in the early seventies, the music of Peter Barron mixes some of the sounds that seem familiar, from his loved Marc Bolan through to Sweet and on to Eddie and the Hot Rods and Graham Parker, but listen carefully to the picture play back. The dystopian world takes you into a kind of cartoon character visual world that is immersive and all his very own.

“Why the work of Peter Barron is not yet to be heard on film soundtracks, video games or as a soundtrack on the playout to a documentary on BBC4 about some aspect of the social history of our country in the latter half of the twentieth century, is something of a mystery.

“On this album, In the eclectic mix is pure Peter Barron, a pastiche of styles and a dystopian world in which you can never be sure if his tongue is firmly in his cheek as he growls beside the fine harmonica of Neil Seymour on Boogie Street.

“This is perhaps his most accomplished album release to date.”

A local commentator who has followed his work for a number of years said on hearing the news, “this is not before time, the success with one of his distinctive tracks being optioned for a film is a credit to the work of Peter Barron, and the credit is well overdue”.